Raw 3c/4a Curly U-Part Wig

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Please carefully read ALL of the details below before placing your order.

Peakmill Guarantee: 100% Raw Virgin Hair, cuticle intact

Ships in 10 business days

U-Part wig made with Peakmill raw 3c/4a curly hair of the selected length above.

If you're knowledgeable in caring for natural type 4 hair textures, the same care goes for this hair. It doesn't do well with neglect so care and love on it the same way you would your natural hair. Needs lots of moisture, conditioning, and occasional detangling. Please refer to our  FAQs page for more care instructions.

For reference, the length pictured is 16"

Can be worn as a middle or side part by simply adjusting the placement of the unit.

Option of adjustable wig cap or mesh dome cap. Mesh dome cap is recommended if you plan to switch your part often because it's more flexible around the ears. Adjustable wig cap is good for middle part installations only

Option of narrow(1" x 4") or wide(2" x 3.5") opening, depending on how much of your real hair you plan to use to blend and how deep you want your part. Wide opening is pictured. Note: the cap is flexible enough for you to maneuver your wig to achieve a wider opening if you want.

Comes in the natural color, which can vary from dark to slightly light brown

Will not be styled at all. Comes as is. Perfect for those that like to add their own personal touch to their looks

clips attached for quick installation